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Fee Structure

Fee Structure for Session 2024-25
· Admission Fee: 5500/- (For New Admission only)
· Tuition Fee : As per table given below:
ClassTuition Fee Per QuarterTotal Tuition Fee
Note :  
Playgroup to Class X, fee to be paid in 04 Quarters (April/July/October/January).
For Class XI & XII, fee to be paid in 03 Quarters (April/July/October).
Note :
  1. Fee Concession: 10% discount in tuition fee will be given to the younger sibling whose real brothers or sisters study in the school.
  2. On expiry of last date of a particular Quarter, the name of the student will be struck off. Readmission will be given on against payment of Admission fee and deposition of due fee.
  3. Application for Transfer Certificate should be given on or before the due date of that particular quarter failing which full fee for the quarter shall be charged. Admission Fee will be not be refunded under any circumstances.
  4. The fee, once paid, will not be refunded on any ground. The admission offer will automatically stand cancelled if the fee is not deposited within the specified period

Late Fee Schedule for Play Group to Class X.

QuarterDue DateFine @ Rs. 100/-Fine @Rs 200/-Last Date For Fee Submission
First15th April 2024Up to 25th April 2024Up to 05th May 202405th May 2024
Second15th July 2024Up to 25th July 2024Up to 05th Aug 202405th Aug 2024
Third15th Oct 2024Up to 25th Oct 2024Up to 05th Nov 202405th Nov 2024
Fourth15th Jan 2025Up to 25th Jan 2025Up to 05th Feb 202505th Feb 2025

Late Fee Schedule for Classes XI & XII

QuarterDue DateFine @ Rs. 100/-Fine @ Rs. 200/-Last Date For Fee Submission
First15th April 2024Till  25th April 2024Till  10th May 2024Till 10th May 2024
Second15th July 2024Till  25th July 2024Till 10th  Aug. 2024Till 10th Aug 2024
Third15th Oct 2025Till 25th Oct 2025Till 10th Oct 2025Till 10th Oct 2025